Peter Merian Haus Basel
...This symbol used in electronic communication becomes a metaphor for everything we associate with this form of communication. The high-tech association is actually accurate in regard to their production, since the glass shards were etched by means of a computer-controlled machine. That the backslash with its graphic orientation running counter to the flow of characters – by looking back and not forward – forces the reader to pause was poignantly explained by Gottfried Böhm...
Text Franziska Baetcke
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BACKSLASH, atrium of Peter Merian Haus Basel, 2001
Etched glass
Typography in collaboration with Hanna Koller
Photograph: Zwimpfer Partener Architekten

Universität Zürich
In his most recent works, the exhibition "Wildwechsel" at the Bündner Kunstmuseum in 1993 or the installation at the University Zürich-Irchel 19901993, Danuser displays an architectonically discriminating approach. The intentions that were immanent in the images of the photo book and the exhibition "In Vivo," are now programmatically realized in spatial installations.
Text Christof Kübler
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INSTITUTSBILDER / Eine Schrift – Bild – Installation, (Images of Institutes / A text – image – installation), University of Zürich, 1992
Typographic friezes on the walls of the axes of the faculties at the University of Zurich-Irchel.
Stenciled watercolors on white emulsion paint, 11.6cm x 1253cm.
Sopraporta: Silver-gelatin print, mounted on 2mm aluminum and installed on wall.
Photograph: H. D. Casal
Group 12

Group II 1

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Beverin Clinic Graubünden
In the truest sense of the word, Hans Danuser has created a central platform: a single large sheet of slate, set apart from the surroundings by means of a stair step. The immense platform, composed of 400 tons of dark gray, unpolished slabs of slate from Portugal (1 x 2 meters each) is not only the foundation on which the two main buildings rest (the theater and the center with restaurant), it is also a spacious square – conceptually the center, the melting pot, and the nexus of far-reaching social or spatial structures.
Text Dr. Beat Stutzer
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SLATE, BEVERIN, 2000 – 2001
Psychiatric Hospital, Beverin, Graubünden
The slate serves the new center space (2400 square meters) of the hospital and its new building with cafeteria, kitchen, and reception desk and the refurbished old building with theatre. Each slate is 100cm x 200cm.
Photograph: H.D. Casal

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